Only Your Opinion Matters!

We all have them! If you’re like me I have different email newsletters and information sent to my inbox at least once a week if not more. I like getting the latest tips and tricks for our online business or leadership development for my team. These quick and simple emails make it so easy to digest the information and implement it quickly in my personal or business life.

Here are a few that I subscribe to:

pencil with checks for eFaith

pencil with checks for eFaith

  1. Pastor David Roberts |Cornerstone Harvest Church- Lima, OH (My Pastor) | Subscribe
  2. Dr. Samuel Chand |Coaching Essentials Plus | Subscribe
  3.  John Maxwell | Minuet with Max | Subscribe
  4. Mara Glazer | Bizzy Buzz for Women Entrepreneurs | Subscribe

Here is where I NEED YOUR OPINION! I receive both plain text emails and video emails and I need to know what types you receive and which type do you prefer.

Take our poll below, see the results and ask your friends to chime in also!! I will share all results with you so you will better know how to reach your people also!


~Ali @ eFaith


We Are Coming To Change Your World!

Hello Everyone!

I am Ali from the eFaith family of businesses and I just wanted to let you know that you will be seeing and hearing more from us coming very soon. Our mission is to educate Christian ministries with a simpified approach to todays techonology so they feel comfortable using it for their gain.

Keep on the lookout for us. . . We Are Coming!